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Department Edition


CommandSim is aimed at addressing critical needs involved in collaborative, tactical command training while minimizing technological and logistical resource requirements.  Therefore, it permits...

  • Use in a small or large group, via computer network or Internet
  • Realistic practice and evaluation for command personnel and line officers
  • Rapid scenario creation for Fire, MCI, and other emergency response incidents
  • Instructor-led training that allows customization to address specific areas or skills
  • Advanced modeling and graphics for more elaborate interactive requirements, such for equipment training.

Technology is only useful to the extent that it enables performance improvement in a cost-effective way.  CommandSim customers relate how well training in the simulated environment translates to real-world behavior—practicing a standardized approach leads to standardized outcomes in the field.  Among other benefits of CommandSim are...

  • Hands-on practice in a collaborative environment allows evaluation of team performance and their ability to improvise.  Collaborative practice enables everyone to know what to expect from one another before they get into a particular situation
  • Sharing scenarios and command best practices with other CommandSim customers via yearly user conferences and online, 24/7 asynchronous discussion
  • Allows participants to be in the same classroom or remain in their fire stations
  • Use for specialized team or multi-agency coordination training
  • Low per firefighter per hour training cost
  • Scenarios can be as simple as photographs or complex as involving simulated equipment, animations, graphics, sounds, and 3-D.  Also, because scenarios are made using Flash, designers are not locked into special vendors or esoteric tools to produce more elaborate content—there are millions of Flash developers
  • No special software installation for participants besides the free Flash player, which comes pre-installed on almost all computers within the past few years.


1.  Current methods to teach and practice good incident command communication are ineffective or cost prohibitive, endangering the lives of your team and your community

2.  There isn't an effective way to evaluate team performance and improvisation, except in real scenarios, when it's too late
3.  It is costly and inconvenient to bring multiple teams together in same physical location for training.
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