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Department Edition
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Department Edition

Main Features:

CommandSim Fire: Department Edition is the tool to prepare and train your response teams and incident commanders for everything from simple to complex incidents. The responders each log into the virtual session. The instructor initiates the virtual scenario. Then it gets real.

Your dispatchers dispatch the call. Your responders radio they’re enroute. The first unit arrives on scene, and it all starts. The arrival report, the request for additional resources, moving around the scene to get a size-up, all contribute to the confusion. Command is established. The next unit arrives on scene; two more units are three minutes out. What will you assign them to do, and in what order? Just as important, how will you communicate what you want done? What words will you choose? Will units acknowledge assignments and carry them out correctly? When the extrication team moves in to rescue a victim and discovers more bad news, how will they communicate it to Command? Will they proceed with the rescue, or back out until given further instruction? How will you adjust your Incident Action Plan?

It's all happening in real-time-responders move around the scene independently and interact as they see fit. The instructor sees a birds-eye view of the scenario, controls how long it takes for responders to arrive on scene, and can control how the scenario evolves, even dynamically change hazards and conditions.

If you are doing a large exercise, you can have multiple instructors control different sectors or groups within the same exercise.

Instructor Panel

Participant view from Side A

Participant view from Side D

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