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Department Edition

Command & control is one of the most important elements in determining the success or failure of collaborative response in emergency situations. 

CommandSim Fire: Department Edition is an interactive multimedia software environment that assists firefighters and other emergency response personnel in performing collaborative, hands-on training and practice of command & control, radio communication, Incident Command (ICS), strategy, and tactics. No other simulation system offers the combination of simplicity, extendibility, and power.

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CommandSim Fire: Department Edition runs on a network of computers via the Internet or LAN/WAN.  One or more instructors log in to set up the exercise and responders each log in.  Once the instructor places them “on scene,” each can navigate through the scene independently as they role play their assignments.  Instructors can dynamically evolve the incident, which immediately updates responders’ views based on their scene locations.

You create scenarios from your own digital photos, video, and audio, and then lay in and customize realistic smoke, fire, and vapor cloud effects, among other possible extensions.  Because CommandSim Fire: Department Edition is based on the powerful Macromedia Flash graphics creation tool, you can make scenarios as simple as static images or as complex as your imagination, including realistic smoke and fire, animations, victims, and even interactive simulated equipment.

1.  Current methods to teach and practice good incident command communication are ineffective or cost prohibitive, endangering the lives of your team and your community

2.  There isn't an effective way to evaluate team performance and improvisation, except in real scenarios, when it's too late
3.  It is costly and inconvenient to bring multiple teams together in same physical location for training.
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