CommandSim Radiation Meter V-700

The CommandSim Radiation Meter V-700 is a simulation of the Civil Defense V-700 low-range survey meter. The simulation lets your team practice with maximum realism and safety! No hassle of managing real radioactive substances or contrived examples.

Create a scenario from your photos and overlay radiation emitters, set the quantities, and add any shielding, then publish the result for distribution in PowerPoint or on the Web. Prepare your team to use this type of meter so they are comfortable with its use once they get into the field.

Important: the product is a Flash extension, and therefore requires Adobe Flash 8, CS3, or CS4. However, you do NOT need CommandSim Fire Instructor edition.

Turn the meter on and explore the example below by moving the wand around the scene. Right-click and zoom in or out to see fine detail. There might be something suspicious in the trunk of the car...

Special features for training include:

  • Set the type and quantity (in Ci) of common radioactive substances such as Cs-137, Co-60, Ir-192, and I-131, or specify exact values for beta and gamma radiation
  • An optional digital display that allows the student to compare his or her reading of the needle gauge to the actual reading. Designed for basic practice on how to interpret the needle gauge.
  • An optional digital display that gives the student the distance to the closest radiation source. Designed to help teach how radiation strength decays inversely proportion to the square of the distance to the source.

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