CommandSim HazMat Placards

HazMat Placards is a set of customizable clip art you can place on vehicles and containers in your simulated environments. The placards are drawn as vector artwork so they scale or shrink nicely. The placards themselves are for training purposes only, and cannot be used to fulfill legal requirements on real vehicles or packages.

Once you install the placard set, you will find the following placards available in your Components panel (Window > Components, for Flash Basic 8, or Window > Development Panels > Components, for Flash Professional):

Note: the demo below shows you all the variations of the placards. The real placards do not have the menus surrounding them.

Drag-and-drop the placard(s) you want onto your photograph, then open the Properties panel (Window > Properties) and click on the Parameters tab to set sub-class information.

Advanced developers can programmatically change the a placard dynamically. To do this, set the property and value based on the property name and value you see in the Properties panel (under the Parameters tab). For example, the Class2Oxygen placard has a property named "visual". Its value can be "Oxygen" or "blank" (note that these values are case sensitive):

myClass2Placard.visual = "Oxygen";

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