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Instructor Edition

CommandSim Fire: Instructor Edition is a suite of tools that helps you create realistic training scenarios rapidly.

Do you need CommandSim Fire: Instructor Edition for your training program?

  • Accurately model smoke and fire so firefighters know what they're actually looking for
  • Create dynamic scenes that change over time
  • Create scenes using your photos and videos
  • Playback scenes on any computer with the free Adobe Flash player
  • Works over networks and the Internet
  • Paste scenes into your PowerPoint slides or put them on a web page
  • Make scrolling panoramas and 360 degree views

CommandSim Fire: Instructor Edition includes:

  1. CommandSim Effects - Create and customize realistic smoke, fire, and vapor clouds, and share (or download) effects with others
  2. CommandSim Transition - Smoothly escalate or mitigate smoke and fire conditions based on your keystrokes, button clicks, or timing
  3. Picture Scroller - Make visuals that let viewers scan across a scene (click here to see an example)
  4. 360 Panorama Scroller - Make wrap-around visuals from your 360 degree pictures (click here to see an example)
  5. Picture Navigation - Embed navigation into your visuals to let viewers move naturally from picture to picture
  6. PowerPoint plug-in (from GlobFX). Installs an option into PowerPoint that lets you drop in Flash movies in one click. Download this for free by clicking here.

Our software is built on top of the powerful and flexible Adobe Flash platform. If you don't have Adobe Flash yet, we can bundle it in your purchase--just let us know what you need! Flash is the graphics and animation engine that drives the system and lets you develop visuals limited only by your imagination.

Main Features:

  • Integrate video, photos, and clip art
  • Drop visuals created with CommandSim FI into Microsoft PowerPoint seamlessly, retaining FULL INTERACTIVITY
  • Library of smoke, fire, and HazMat effects you can customize
  • Create an endless possibility of new effects
  • Extensible with animations, e.g., water, foam, trucks, people, hazards, etc.
  • Interactive equipment simulation for skills training, e.g., portable devices, elevators, fire control panels, etc.
  • Growing library of plug-ins
  • Panorama and 360 degree views
  • Extendible in countless ways by millions of Flash developers
  • Online knowledgebase (24—7)
  • Online discussion board (24—7)
  • Video tutorials and samples
  • Free distribution of simulation visuals, with no complex setup or per-user fee for viewing (only requires the free Adobe Flash plug-in)
  • View simulations for free via a browser on Windows/Mac/Linux
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CommandSim Effects Smoke & Fire Generator
smoke & fire generator
picture scroller
picture scroller
360 scrolling demo
360 panorama


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